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Rellin.co (owned by Banga knitwear) is a production house established by Mr.Maninder Singh, which came into glance in 2009. Company takes this concept to the next level with its brand “RELLIN“, which simply signifies the best of the best from each garment product category. The most exclusive and advanced clothes from this brand have been included, so that our discerning customers are insured that they find excellence in our products which will lead it to a global level. The company is now desiring to open the RELLIN stores starting from its home town.

Maninder did a lot of struggle to start the brand Rellin with his own ability, hard work and dedication. the company has its origin in Ludhiana city of Punjab,India,that nurses a passion for delivering apparel with innovative designs.

Rellin.co owns one of the best and technically sound production house in its home town. It is no surprise that Rellin.co has lived up to its roots through a successful presence in the fashion and garment industry for over 5 years now.The main motive Rellin.co is to give chance to people who have a zeal and enthusiasm to work in garment and fashion industry.

Rellin.co has empowered a large no. of workforce of employee. Our staffs have more than tripled in last 2 years and we will continue to add more talent to our team to provide better services to our customers across the country. It has attracted huge number of customers from all over India through its extensive range of technology.

 We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of wide range of ready made garments including men’s wear and ladies wear. We also have a strong presence in products like: Men’s formal trousers, designer jackets, men’s casual t-shirts and men’s sweatshirts etc.